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Inbound – Terms Of Service

The owner of these web pages in this text is referred to as Inbound (www.officialinbound.com)

User – any person that uses these web pages

www.officialinbound.com – web page that offers it’s visitors the possibility of using different contents and services, in accordance with the hereby set rules. (hereinafter: “officialinbound.com web page” or “this web page”)

www.officialinbound.com web page is free for use to all web users.
Inbound as an owner of these web pages reserves the right to occasionally not be available to the users due to various technical difficulties that could not be under staff’s or representatives ‘control
Inbound as an owner of these web pages reserves the right to change the terms of use without any prior notice.
The use of www.officialinbound.com web pages implies the acceptance of these Terms of Use.


Rules and Terms of Use

This agreement is contracted between Inbound and any natural person or legal entity, company, association, agency or a third party that intends to use these pages, (hereinafter: „User“ or “You”). By using these web pages You automatically abide to the following Terms of Use (hereinafter: “Terms of use”). If You do not agree with the stated terms of use, please do not use our web pages. We reserve the right to change, add or remove parts or whole terms of use at any given time. Thus, you are requested to check these terms periodically.

Upon the use of these pages you are requested to ensure the completeness, authenticity and accuracy of the data provided. Inbound ensures the privacy of your personal data stipulated by the Personal Data Protection Law and that your data will be used only for the purpose of data exchange among users. By using these web pages you agree to enclose the provided data/information to all who show interest in them, in accordance with these Rules and Terms of use. The user agrees to provide his/her e-mail address to Inbound for the purpose of delivering bills for services of shopping provided by these web pages (if there will be shopping on these pages – otherwise this statement will be taken out of the Rules and Terms of use) as for the purpose of sending other written notifications.


Terms of Access

Web pages www.officialinbound.com and all its accompanying services are available under the condition that you may conclude a legal contract regulated by the applicable laws.


User account and password

www.officialinbound.com can offer to open a user account if you agree to register. When opening a user account on these web pages you will chose a username that must be unique and you will be given a password with an additional possibility of change or you will chose a password yourself. Your responsibilities are to (a) safeguard the secrecy of your username and password; and to (b) immediately notify the Inbound in case of any unauthorized use of your user account or any other security violation.


Limitations of use

You agree not to use www.officialinbound.com web page for:

  • Illegal, immoral, and against the law purposes
  • entering illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, disturbing, slandering, vulgar, raffish, insulting, hostile against someone’s privacy, hateful or racial, ethnic or in any other way un-objective content;
  • changing, destroying or erasing the content that is not your property;
  • sending e-mail contents that you have no right to send, that is sending e-mails that endangers patents, logos, business secrets,
  • copyrights or any other intellectual or other properties;
  • sending e-mails that contain viruses, trojans, spyware or any other form of illegal software.
  • deliberate or unintentional endangerment of any law or regulation on a state’s, regional or international law level.
  • endangerment of any operational rules, protection or instructions of your web service provider or web service.
  • Inbound puts all efforts to offer its users quality service for which it retains the right to edit, change or delete contents of these web pages.


User agrees:

Not to use these web pages for violation of copyrights, copyrights, logos or send hidden or coded messages
that all information including photographs, after the transfer of data on these pages, become the property of Inbound
that the persons who support and maintain these web pages as well as the owners of these web pages are not to be held responsible for the possible damages that can happen during the automatic processing of data or data display.


Intellectual property

You agree that the contents of these pages are the property of the owner Inbound and that www.officialinbound.com gives you a limited, nonexclusive, non-negotiable, cancellable permit to browse and occasionally download materials from these pages, not for commercial purposes but exclusively for your personal use or for the use within your organization. All shown or available materials on the pages, including graphics, documents, executables, pictures, sounds, videos, audios, arts, software and HTML codes (generally „Materials“) are the exclusive property of Inbound. Materials are protected by copyright and other applicable laws on intellectual property. In addition to the mentioned authorization, it is not permitted to (a) use, copy, edit, display, delete, distribute, download, save, reproduce, send, disclose, sell, resell, adapt or derive versions of Materials or transfer in any way as well as commercially use any given content or whole pages (b) use Materials on other internet pages or media.


Exclusions from use, reimbursement

Inbound reserves the right to exclude from further use of these pages any user who violates in any way the Rules and Terms of use, obstructs the activity of the pages or abuses the rights of the owner and other users.

Inbound reserves the right to exclude from further use of these pages the user who misuses the disclosed data, particularly in a sense of copying the content published on these pages or uses these web pages in any unauthorized way; particularly in a sense of copying the content published on these web pages. Inbound

can, in addition to excluding such a user, demand a reimbursement for the damages done which includes proprietary and non-proprietary damage as well as loss of profit, all in accordance with the Law on Obligatory Relations.



www.officialinbound.com web page can contain links on other web pages. Inbound has no control on such pages or resources. You agree upon the fact that Inbound is not responsible for the contents and availability of such pages and resources.



Inbound does not guarantee:

  • jurisdiction and capability of the counterparty in concluding the agreement; the validity, completeness and accuracy of the user’s personal data.
  • that there will be no errors on the page or that they will function without interruption at any time
  • that the third party will legally use these pages at all times.

Inbound is, within legal bounds, excluded from any damages, loss or injury that can derive directly or indirectly due to

  • the use of this web page
  • the use of the links on this web page.
  • the information on this web page
  • the procedures that are or are not undertaken in relation to the information on this web page
  • the use, inability to use or misuse any of the above mentioned pages.

Inbound cannot bear responsibilities for any content displayed on the third parties’ pages on which an occasional access can be granted. Any such access cannot be interpreted as establishing a relationship with Inbound or supporting such pages from the side of www.officialinbound.com. This web page can contain links to other pages, but Inbound is not responsible for the services or products obtained in that way. www.officialinbound.com can occasionally be unavailable due to the various technical difficulties. Inbound does not bear responsibility for any legal procedure or complaint against a user based on the abuse of any copyright or intellectual property right.

Inbound is not responsible for the damages or loss made through the use of these pages (such as financial loss) and that can be caused by the errors on the page. Furthermore, Inbound does not give any guarantee for the information given in advertisements or on any other web pages which can be reached through these web pages.

You are compliant that Inbound and you are the independent contractors of these Terms of Use. If you should endanger these Terms of Use or any other rights we reserve the right to initiate a criminal procedure or file a law suit against you as well as request a Claim. If you should not agree upon our Terms of use of www.officialinbound.com web pages, please leave these web pages and restrain from further use of our services.

In cases of dispute between the Inbound an individual user or a third damaged party, Gotham City High Court is the competent authority to address. If you noticed any discrepancies of the Terms of (ab)use, please report them to us.

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